Pablo Carreño came very close to breaking his roof in tennis and standing in the final of the US Open.Alexander Zverev He came back after giving up the first two sets, in a duel that ended 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 6-3.

The Asturian tennis player started flawlessly. With a totally deconcentrated Zverev, Carreño took his best tennis to break up to three times the service to the pupil of David ferrer. The initial 6-3, on the fast track, was only the prelude to what was to happen next.

And this Zverev looked like another. The German was overwhelmed in the first five games of the second set, and with a 5-0 against and Carreño’s service, still clung to the game breaking the Spanish serve. The best moments began of the giant of Russian origin, who went from being against the ropes to winning two points in a row and placing himself with a 5-2 before the change of field.

Carreño began to suffer. Zverev began to focus much more on making the Spaniard run, who did not succumb. In fact, quite the opposite: he took advantage of his serve to close the second set and stay just one sleeve away from his first Grand Slam final.

The beasts are revolving

The closing of the game was neither easy nor fast. Zverev pulled out his claw and began to play with a deadly backhand that greatly complicated Carreño’s strategy. He managed to break the Spanish service, go 1-3 and dream of a comeback or, at least, of adding a set.

Carreño approached, but Zverev was not going to give up the easy flag. In fact, the German broke the Spanish service for the second time to get 2-5. It was not a boast, but a promise: he was going to have to suffer. The final point of this game almost fell through inertia for the German, who finally entered the game.

The fourth set was a clear script change, and the longest of the match up to that point. Zverev regained his fearsome form, and defeated Carreño’s attempt to hit the fast track. He took the fourth game to 3-5. The Spanish reacted, including a hit to his rival (inadvertently), which prevented him from taking this sleeve and forced the tiebreaker in a fifth set, at least on the fast track.

Zverev’s serves, at more than 200 km / h, were increasingly difficult to be returned and in the end the Oviedo succumbed. You had to row in the last game.

The physical effort took its toll on Carreño, who had to receive help from his physios before the last and final game. Zverev tried to take advantage of the fact that the wind was blowing in his favor, but the resistance of the Spaniard made him have to strain.

The serve of Ferrer’s pupil was once again his best weapon. The Spanish lifted the first match ball, but in the second he ended up succumbing. He had left everything to him, but Zverev showed that he is in a sweet state. In fact, he had never come back two sets against.