The applications of video calls they are living in a golden age, although not necessarily for the best reasons.

Zoom It has been one of the most popular platforms, but it has not enjoyed a great reputation due to various security flaws that compromise the privacy of users.

During the month of April, a scandal broke out because thousands of Zoom user passwords were leaked and it was still rumored that the application may have been leaking session information to hackers.

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Fortunately, the company is beginning to take action on the matter and today announced that the two-step verification for mobile and desktop versions.

How to activate two-step verification in Zoom

Through his official blog, Zoom stressed the importance of tightening security in an account, so it invites its users to activate this new two-step verification.

Two-Step Verification works with authentication apps that support the Time-Based Single Password Protocol (TOTP). Examples of them are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and FreeOTP.

Or, as is usually the case with other types of services, users may also choose the option that Zoom send them a code by SMS or phone call.

To activate this function, it is necessary to enter this link, but to configure this security measure, administrators will first have to activate the option within the menu.

To achieve this, they will need to access from the web with their account and enable “Login with Two-Step Verification” within the advanced settings.

What if Zoom does not finish convincing you, we show you other options of applications of video calls in the following video:

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Do you think Zoom will improve your security with this new feature?