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(Real Madrid – Real Valladolid 1-0) Real Madrid struggled to win against Valladolid after a late goal by the Brazilian super talent Vinicius Junior (20).

Martin Ødegaard (21) had started both of the two previous matches in La Liga for Real Madrid, but after a rather disappointing match, he was replaced last week for a break against Real Betis.

Therefore, it was no big surprise that Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane chose to dismiss the Norwegian from the starting line-up against Valladolid, without the Frenchman getting much credit for the change in the first hour.

For Real Madrid stabbed and stabbed, without scoring goals. All opportunities went to Serbian Luka Jovic in the first half, but the 22-year-old continued to miss – as he has often done in his Real Madrid career.

First, Fede Valverde countered up the edge, before serving Jovic all alone in front of goal. But from just ten meters he put the ball just outside the posts.

Ten minutes before the break, he got a new opportunity when namesake Luka Modric put the ball perfectly, but this time Jovic sent the ball straight into the net wall.

Five minutes into the second half, Jovic stabbed the ball towards the corner, but this time goalkeeper Roberto stood in the way. The return was picked up by Casemiro, but from three meters away he managed in an incredible way to put the ball in the crossbar.

Shortly afterwards, Valladolid – with the Brazilian striker legend Ronaldo on the owner’s side – jumped up to a chance. Shon Weissman was allowed to take it quickly by the referee, much to the dismay of the goalkeeper who wasn’t prepared. Thibaut Courtois made the save, however.

Da tok Zidane grep. Jovic went out and Vinicius Junior came in, and it finally came loose for Real Madrid.

The Brazilian won the ball right outside the box and passed it on to Valverde. He tried to find Karim Benzema in front of the box, but was stopped by several Valladolid legs, before the ball bounced straight into Vinicius’ legs in front of goal. Alone with the goalkeeper, he was safe, and secured Real Madrid the victory.

Thus, Real Madrid have quarreled to two victories in three games in this year’s La Liga, after they started the season with points sharing in San Sebastian against Ødegaard’s former club Real Sociedad.


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