Zé Felipe’s girlfriend, Virginia denies pregnancy for money: ‘I make R $ 500 thousand in 1 month’

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Zé Felipe and Virgínia Fonseca countered criticism about dating for interest and speculation about pregnancy by contract. In a video published this Saturday (10), the influencer cried when she denied the rumors. “At the age of 21, I was able to maintain myself and be independent. (…) They are saying that I sold myself to generate a life. That I made a contract of R $ 500 thousand to get pregnant and R $ 500 thousand I do in 1 month , thank God. I didn’t even need to be exposing it here, but you can contact my agency. I do it in 1 month! Why does a woman need to undergo a pregnancy to receive this, a person who is always working “, warned.

Zé Felipe comes out in defense of Virgínia Fonseca: ‘Respect her’

Zé Felipe commented on Instagram and pointed out as fake news any news that speculates a pregnancy by contract. “Virginia is pregnant. Respect her! She doesn’t need R $ 500 thousand to get pregnant, because she already gets it there. If it was like that, it had to be a lot more, see? Respects our family. (…) And they still say it was due to insemination. There is nothing like that here! It was a very traditional method! “, he fired.

Virgínia Fonseca lists works and makes fun of rumors of interest

Virgínia Fonseca listed the intense work routine to prove that she doesn’t need an interest dating. “I’m online on Instagram 24 hours, I have several contracts, I do jobs every day, I publish 1 video a day on my channel, we are making 40 million views per month … And they still say that I’m with Zé for money (laughs) It’s complicated! But we, woman, already know how to deal with it, right? I really wanted to put my ass up and have Zé to play for me. It would be great. But we are together to grow together! of that “, he mocked.

Virgínia Fonseca exposes costs at home: ‘We share expenses’

Virgínia Fonseca opened the game on the dynamics of costs at home. “I help him and he helps me. At home, he pays the rent and I, the condo. We share all expenses and among other things that I don’t even need to mention here. Too much work to come and say I’m with someone for money”, he countered. .

Virginia explains dating with Felipe and pregnancy: ‘I love him’

Virgínia Fonseca explained the real reason behind her relationship with Zé Felipe. “I love Zé and I am with him for that. Now we will have a baby and we are building our family !!! We are together and I know that we will grow much more together. [A gestação] was not planned, but now everything is being planned to receive you, son! “, he said

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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