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Next season, Carlos Sainz will replace Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari. The head of McLaren Zach Brown said that the transfer of the Spaniard could and would not take place if the British team, in turn, could not agree on a contract with Daniel Riccardo.

Zach Brown: “We could have kept Carlos. The contract allowed us to block the transition because we had an option.

We first tried to come to an agreement with Daniel Riccardo in 2018, and after joining Andreas Seidl’s team, we began to regularly communicate with him. We realized that he was not completely satisfied with the situation in Renault, and at that moment the stars came together, because we wanted to invite Daniel, and Carlos wanted to go to Ferrari. We could have said “No” to Carlos, but we thought that if we can reach an agreement with Daniel, and Carlos signs a contract with Ferrari, then everyone will be happy.

We would never have let Carlos go if we didn’t feel that we could come to an agreement with Riccardo. When the opportunity arose, we decided to start negotiations and set a date by which we need to come to some kind of decision. As a result, by the appointed time, we agreed with Daniel, and Ferrari wanted to sign a contract with Carlos. We had no choice but to say: “Great, let’s arrange everything.”

Zach Brown noted that he likes the way McLaren and Sainz continue to cooperate after it became known about the Spaniard’s departure from the team: “You never know how parting with the driver will go, but in our case everything is fine – we have real harmony in the boxes … Carlos does his best and we do everything in our power for him.

Look at the situation with Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, Sergio Perez at Racing Point and even Daniel at Renault – there is no harmony. I am very proud of our situation, because a good relationship with the driver is important to us. We enjoy working with Carlos and I am glad that in our case all parties are happy. “



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