Zach Brown: Delaying the change of regulations will help us

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McLaren CEO Zach Brown believes the budget cuts will help prepare for 2022 when the new regulation comes into force …

“The transition to the new regulations has been postponed for a year, and this should play into our hands,” said Zach Brown in the podcast In the Fast Lane. – Firstly, from next year budgets will be limited, which means that when developing a new car, it will not be possible to go beyond certain limits.

Secondly, McLaren is the only team planning to change the engine supplier in 2021, and we will need to establish cooperation with Mercedes, as it was in the first year of working with Renault. On a familiar machine, we will be able to quickly understand the operation of the new power plant than if it were a completely new chassis. We’ll be designing a 2022 car on the same budget as the rest – on an equal footing.

We are now spending three or five times less than Mercedes and Ferrari, and much less than Red Bull Racing, and thanks to the new rules, everyone will have the same resources. As in the good old days, may the strongest team win.

In my opinion, the fans will benefit the most from this. Now only two teams are fighting for the victory, but soon there will be two, three times more contenders for victory. We will see five or six teams rivalry – so much better for the fans. “

Next year Daniel Riccardo will be at McLaren. Team leader Andreas Seidl was instrumental in attracting the Australian driver, Zack Brown said.

“I’ve always wanted to invite Riccardo,” continued Zach Brown. – Several years ago we held negotiations, but then we had a terrible season – one of the worst in the history of McLaren. Then I could only tell Daniel about my plans. He said it sounded great, but McLaren just had a terrible season. Then I did not convince him, and he can be understood.

A year later, we had a great season. I promised to find a great team leader and invited Andreas Seidl – he changed McLaren a lot. I promised to find a great CTO – we now have James Key. During this time, Daniel saw that I was acting, and the team was achieving high results.

Riccardo is a big fan of Seidl’s work. I think this played an important role in his decision. He says “Andreas is a giant,” and I think he means his positive qualities. I think that’s why he made this decision. “



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