Zac Efron joins the new version of Eyes of Fire, a film based on the novel by Stephen King

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The actor will be one of the figures in the remake of the film originally released in 1984, with Drew Barrimore in one of the leading roles.

The cinema was filled with remakes, and in this dynamic of entertainment companies that repeatedly leads them to revert past successes instead of betting on a new story, Bloomhouse and Universal have already launched a new version of Fire Eyes, a film based on the homonymous novel by Stephen King, whose original realization was released in 1984, with Zack Efron as one of its figures.

The companies intend to make this film a reality since 2017. At first it was said that it would mark the debut of Faith Akin in Hollywood. This is a German director highly acclaimed by the festival circle. But things were delaying and plans changed several times.

Now, a press release confirmed that Efron was chosen for one of the leading roles of the film, which already had an adaptation starring Drew Barrymore. Although the role of the actor in Damn Neighbors, is expected to play Andrew McGee, a young father who together with his daughter will have to flee from the corporation known as The Shop.

In the novel by King, Andrew is a student who with his girlfriend Vicky signs up for a medical experiment with a chemical called LOT-6. Although most suffer from side effects, the young couple develop psychic powers: Andrew can convince and control people’s minds and Vicky is able to read his thoughts.

Years later, they have a daughter named Charlie, who inherited special abilities from her parents. The girl develops pyrokinesis, the ability to set objects on fire that she focuses on with her mind. That’s when The Shop notices them and begins a merciless hunt of the family.

The new adaptation will be directed by Keith Thomas, with a script by Scott Teems. “I think we are making great strides to be able to shoot this year. However, the industry closed and that may change things. But at this moment, I have high hopes that it can happen this year,” Teems revealed MovieWeb.

The original film was not a great success, despite Barrymore coming to garner all kinds of praise for his role in the Steven Spielberg production, ET the alien. In addition, it did not leave King happy, who for now would not be involved in the production of the new version.

Meanwhile, these days, Efron made headlines for a few unpublished photos who published the account Brondeprimadonna, in which he can be seen with his then partner Vanessa Hudgens, whom he met in the filming of High School Musical and with whom he was four years of boyfriend.

The images that came to light are three. It is a series of the couple on the beach, in which the actor is seen lying on the sand, while the actress is sitting on top of him, in a very sexy position. The publication garnered 17,000 “likes” and several comments from fans who nostalgically recalled the engagement.

After breaking up with Efron, Hudgens began a relationship with Austin Butler, with whom he was nine years, until the romance came to an end, in early 2020. On the other hand, Efron was photographed with Vanessa Valladares, a young woman from Australia, who would be his new partner.



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