The Tokyo Games left on the eve the opening ceremony for a new controversy. It strikes again at one of the main architects for this opening ceremony. After Cornelius (the director) was fired for making offensive remarks and Cornelius (the composer), who was forced to resign due to the revelations of his past as an alleged stalker, Kentaro Kbayashi, his artistic director, will have to step down.

After the exhumation and destruction of a 1998 video that mocked the Holocaust, the 48-year old artist was fired. The parody was performed by Mr Kobayashi and another actor. In this sketch, he launches to his sidekick “Those of the last time you said”: “Let’s play the Holocaust.” This is about small paper dolls which can be used as craft materials. They went on to imagine how angry the producer was at the Shoah reference..pepsia

In an apology statement, Mr. Kobayashi acknowledged the difficulties and offered his condolences. “Extremely insensitive lines.” “We learned that in an old artistic performance Kentaro Kobayashi used mocking language about a tragic historical fact, said Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto. The organizing committee decided to dismiss Mr. Kobayashi.The Games organizers are now facing a new set of challenges, which has been much criticized in Japan.

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