Your woman reflects on her Corona year

The past year was not feasible for Sarah Connor either. The culminación pandemic forced the singer in order to shift down several gears at the same time, but it also opened up unimagined possibilities in addition to gave her one or the other brand new experience.

The world has been position still since March. The prohibitions regarding the corona pandemic hit the full entertainment industry and its artists in particular hard. No gigs, no events, no shows. Shift down – several gears at once – has been the name of the game ever since. Even for show greats like Sarah Connor, 40, no easy undertaking. From 100 to 0 in a few days – in her song “Bye Bye”, which will be released this Friday (December 11th), the musician processes the experiences of the last few months. And that includes one or the other funny story, as revealed in a conversation with “Bild”.

Sarah Connor had to switch back

“My whole highrapidspeed life has stopped”, Sarah explains in an interview. Instead of concerts, shows and appearances, it was now time in order to devote yourself to new activities. And in doing so, she went back to what really counts in life: the family. “I spent a lot of time with the dogs and children in the forest,” says the 40-year-old, who can see positive things from the girl unplanned year of rest. “2020 made me humble and grateful. Nature saved me.”

Moments for the particular ages

It is above all the encounters and experiences that made a lasting impression on Sarah Connor: “There were so many moving, amazing, poignant moments. I met a terminally ill woman and her two children. I swam with a sperm whale and dived in the arctic sea , drank too much tequila, puked myself and had episodes of depression. ” Sarah was also able to experience love in a completely new way this year: “I fell in love with my husband all over again and had incredibly fun and wonderful times with my children.” Sarah Connor Beauty Change

Professionally, it continues

In addition to the many wonderful experiences she had in 2020, Sarah Connor is now back to work again. In her single “Bye Bye” she reflects on the past months and the new living with Corona. No one less than Helene Fischer, 36, is said to have helped the girl!

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