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Verona Pooth is known as an advertising woman and family man. For her new job, she combines both: her family becomes the Sky advertising face.

Most people associate Verona Pooth (52) with the image of a smart business woman, but also that of a real family man. The presenter is still remembered by many through her catchy advertising appearances in the 2000s. Since the wedding and starting a family with Franjo Pooth (51), she has also appeared in public mostly at the side of her husband or her two children, San Diego (17) and Roccolito (9). So it seems only logical that Verona Pooth combines job and family for her new project: Together with her husband, her children and dog lady Piccolina, she will be the new testimonial for Sky.

Pooth has been an advertising icon for years

For the 52-year-old, this is of course not the first advertising contract. After her first moderation job on the RTL2 program “Peep” in the mid-1990s, the mother of two also made a name for herself as a testimonial. With slogans like “When does he finally do ‘Blubb’?” or “There you will be helped” she flickered on the screens of German living rooms. She is continuing that with the six Sky spots about her family, which will be shown from October 1st.

The special feature of the commercials: They were shot in the Pooths’ own four walls. Verona Pooth said about it in the press conference: “The children had fun because it was an adventure. Suddenly you have a whole crew at home, it’s a bit like Hollywood. Roccolito whizzed through his legs with his skateboard and got something He felt like the king on the set. Diego is a bit older and he just said: ‘Mommy, that’s really cool. It’s amazing. For you too, right?’ “

“Television brings the family together”

In the end, the shoot welded the whole family together, she explains. “We were all a bit proud of ourselves. We all stood in a circle, everyone thought each other was good. And that brought us together again as a small family. We created something with it.”

Even in times of Corona, especially in lockdown, television played a major role in family life. “I think watching television is one thing that brings a family together. Often they say that the children shouldn’t watch so much television – but I actually don’t think so,” said the presenter. “In the past you sat around the campfire and looked in there and discussed everything. And I think that if you watch TV together and sit in front of the TV for several generations, then a film allows you to talk a little. You share the emotion, you dissipate and ask questions and ideas because you are inspired. TV time can also be high quality if you share it with the family. “


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