Your real luxury is hidden behind secret doors

Queen Elizabeth has been in office at Buckingham Palace for over 68 years. Sometimes the monarch allows a glimpse into her magnificent residence at Christmas speeches or receptions. But you don’t get to see the most interesting rooms …

The “secret rooms” in Buckingham Palace are only accessible to Queen Elizabeth, 94, her family and selected palace employees. Behind their doors are hidden luxury dreams that, in addition to the well-known pomp of Her Majesty’s official residence, fulfill quite useful functions. Who doesn’t want their own swimming pool, home theater or doctor’s office in the house?

Queen Elizabeth enjoys private film premieres

The royal family seems to like to meet for a movie night. BBC journalist Emily Maitlis gained this impression in November 2019 when she met Prince Andrew, 60, in the palace for an interview about his role in the Epstein scandal. She reports that she happened to see how the cinema in the drawing room in the south wing was set up. “The floor is being rebuilt by palace workers,” she wrote shortly afterwards for the Times. An employee told her: “It’s for the Buckingham Palace cinema. All the people who work here come by. ‘Judy’ is on tonight if you want to stay.” According to “Sun” it seems to have meanwhile become commonplace that the staff in particular can enjoy what are probably exclusive screen premieres.

A separate practice for the employees

The queen probably never has to sit in the waiting room when she consults her own doctor’s office in the palace. The “Royal Mews Surgery” is under the direction of the general practitioner Dr. Timothy Evans. His 94-year-old boss rarely gets to see him because the doctor mainly cares about the health of the palace employees. Royal interior: insights into the royal study

Prince George learned to swim in the palace pool

However, the paddling fun in the in-house indoor pool is reserved entirely for the family. In the private swimming pool, the future heir to the throne, Prince George, 7, is said to have taken his first swimming strokes under professional guidance. Presumably, Prince Williams, 38, and Duchess Catherines, 38, younger children Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, are now enjoying the exclusive pleasure pool.

Post office for the palace workers

“Who writes stays”. The Queen should also be familiar with this saying. Important correspondence goes out into the world from Buckingham Palace. So why not install your own post office in the stately building? For decades, around 800 employees have also been allowed to send their letters and postcards from there. The office operated by the Royal Mail is said to be in the southeastern part of the palace.

Secret entrance to the Queen’s private rooms

The “White Salon” is known to many visitors to Buckingham Palace. Every summer, when Queen Elizabeth retreats to Scotland at Balmoral Castle, royal fans can take a look at the so-called “State Rooms”. These are the official rooms of the palace. What some don’t know: The “White Drawing Room” hides a secret door that leads to the queen’s private apartments. The invisible passage is camouflaged as a mirror cabinet.

money does not matter

The royals don’t have to worry about finances. You can safely assume that. Mainly because you know that the members of the royal family always have the opportunity to pull out cash. You heard right! Buckingham Palace has an ATM in the basement. The former head of Coutts Bank, Gordon Pell, confirmed this to the “Standard” back in 2001. However, use by staff is strictly prohibited.

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