Your outing with baby enchants the fans

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Barbara Meier: Her trip with baby enchants the fans +++ Amira Pocher talks about pregnancy problems +++ Lena Meyer-Landrut: In these summer photos, fans only look at one thing.

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

October 2nd

Barbara Meier: Your outing with baby enchants the fans

For Barbara Meier, 34, one thing currently counts above all: her baby happiness! In July, the model became the mother of a daughter for the first time. The fans don’t get to see much of little Marie-Therese. There have been two snapshots so far. On it you can see: the delicate hands and feet of the little ones. Now the GNTM winner is giving her followers a new baby update. But Barbara Meier hides her little princess once more.

The 34-year-old poses with a stroller in Vienna’s Volksgarten. She raves about the Austrian capital: “Vienna is such a beautiful city!”

The excursion with Marie-Therese delights the fans. “The stroller suits you really well!” Says an Instagram user. Another agrees: “A very nice photo and you are taking your princess for a walk”. And another adds: “With a baby you get a completely different perception. I have always loved Vienna, but now with a baby I see Vienna even more beautifully.”

Amira Pocher: Red underwear and deep insights – that’s your pregnancy

Only six months after the birth of their first child with comedian Oliver Pocher, 42, his wife Amira Pocher, 28, became pregnant again. The trained make-up artist regularly supplies her almost 850,000 followers with funny anecdotes from the everyday life of a pregnant woman with an infant.

Amira Pocher asks her followers for advice.
© Instagram / amirapocher

Currently, the brunette beauty with the bright eyes is busy with other problems: her clothes! Because Amira, according to her own statement, can only wear leggings at the moment and they presented her with a special challenge: deep insights into her bottom. “Is there any supplier who produces leggings that are not completely transparent when you bend down?”, She asks for advice in her Instastory.

She reveals: “Every time I go to Rewe and bend over for the cheese and my girlfriend yells at the back: ‘Oh, red underwear!'” That shouldn’t be. The native Austrian has apparently received numerous tips from the community and promised to try out some of the suggestions. We are excited to see which amira pregnancy experience Amira Pocher has to report next.

October 1

Lena Meyer-Landrut: In these sexy summer photos, fans only look at one detail

Lena Meyer-Landrut, 29, reports to Instagram with stunning photos. One last summer greeting before autumn reaches Berlin. “Goodbye Berlin summer I guess. Then one last time watermelon sugar”, Lena writes about a series of pictures in which she bites into a watermelon and only wears a bra. But fans pay attention to something completely different.

The singer surprises with a new look that inspires. Lena shows herself with a long curly mane. In doing so, she triggers a flood of enthusiastic comments celebrating her style.

“Love the pictures, watermelon and you” and “Mega beautiful, the hair” write the users. Another asks self-deprecatingly: “Short question, how do you manage to look good while eating? Are there instructions or something?” A legitimate question: Because Lena always manages to look breathtaking – whether with short, long, straight or curly hair.

Sophia Thomalla: Your new hair color doesn’t go down well at all

She is always an eye-catcher: Model Sophia Thomalla, 30. On the Instagram profile of the 30-year-old you can find all kinds of chic pictures. The actress diligently trains her body and regularly presents the result on her social media channel. In her most recent post, however, the focus is not on the model, but on her new look: Sophia Thomalla now wears her hair platinum blonde.

Sophia’s followers are critical of the new style. “Blonde doesn’t suit you, sorry,” comments an Instagram user on the post. “I found it really pretty, but dark,” said another very diplomatically. And a third adds: “Blonde is not yours”. We think Sophia can simply wear anything!

30. September

Sonya Kraus: short hair + bangs! This photo is causing a stir

Sonya Kraus, 47, is currently keeping her followers’ pulse on Instagram. Whether casually in jeans and a top or as a sexy headmistress with glasses and a tight case dress – the 47-year-old should inspire some male fantasies. Her latest post also excites Instagram users, because the presenter has never been seen like this!

The native of Frankfurt was photographed with platinum blonde, shoulder-length hair and bangs. Not only for the fans seems to be unfamiliar, Sonya Kraus also has a hard time: “Doesn’t look like me, does it?”, She asks her fans.

They are over the moon at the slightly different sight. Several followers shower the mom of two with compliments like “sexy”, “mega” and “wow”. The look is very popular with most fans. “Has something. Similar to Charlize Theron”, states one user. And another commented: “I always said that short hair looks better on you!” In the meantime, Sonya Kraus should have found her way back to her long mane. We think the presenter can just wear anything!

Yvonne Catterfeld: Seldom private photos – and the occasion is special

Yvonne Catterfeld, 40, and Oliver Wnuk, 44, are a real celebrity dream couple: beautiful and scandal-free. The couple met in 2007 while filming the movie U-900. The two have now been together for 13 years, their son Charlie was born in 2004. Oliver Wnuk’s daughter, Amelie, is also part of the family. But you don’t get to see the children. And for a good reason. The couple want to protect the privacy of their son and that of Oli’s daughter at all costs.

Couple pictures on Instagram are also a rarity at Yvonne Catterfeld. But now the 40-year-old has made an exception and has published a whole collage of couple snapshots. The occasion is the 13th anniversary of the two actors. On the social media channel, the singer makes a touching declaration of love for her partner.

“13 years … and only a mini-look – because Instagram is not the reality, but only what we allow,” she writes about the couple shots. And adds: “The other 40,000 photos and memories with Oli’s daughter, our son … formative right from the start. You are missing in the photo,” comments Yvonne, but makes it clear that she intended that, because Instagram shouldn’t find a place for everything, and that includes their family life. “But we know how versatile, colorful, often funny, loving and happy these years were, also and above all thanks to you and thanks to you Oliver Wnuk – I think that’s all that belongs here”, the actress enthuses about her children and her boyfriend . What a magical declaration of love! We warmly congratulate the couple on their 13th anniversary!

29. September

Sugar-sweet family shots warm the hearts of fans

Annemarie Carpendale, 42, and Wayne Carpendale, 43, have a picture-perfect relationship with son Mads. The couple regularly lets their fans participate in their everyday life on Instagram, and the little man is not neglected either. With his curls and cute outfits, the 2-year-old is already a little star on his famous parents’ Instagram channel.

In the latest photos, Mads is stealing the show once again. The Carpendales let off steam in the Munich Olympic Park. Curious and full of energy, little Mads explores the fair with his parents and grandma. Annemarie and Wayne are beaming in the big wheel. Your little one makes himself comfortable in the middle and curiously discovers the world from above. The fans are delighted at this sight.

“I love the family photos of you,” enthuses one Instagram user. “Mads is having fun. Great pictures,” adds another. And this follower is also very enthusiastic: “You are such a beautiful family,” she lets the Carpendales know.

28. September

Did you reveal the baby gender here?

In November 2019, Amira, 27, and Oliver Pocher, 42, had their first child. Half a year after giving birth, the 27-year-old is pregnant again. Even the first pregnancy came as a surprise for the native Austrian. “I had to deal with that first,” Amira Pocher told GALA last year.

Comedian Oliver Pocher is always good for a surprise. The audience on the show “Pocher – dangerously honest” was able to convince themselves of this again. Did he and his wife Amira reveal the sex of their second baby there? Quite possible, because the clues could not be overlooked.

The motto of the show was obviously a color spectacle: everything shone in blue! Oliver Pocher wore a light blue T-shirt on his show, Amira was seen in a single player in a blue jumpsuit. The model’s eye make-up? Also blue. The blue mop that was used during a game should not have escaped the audience.

In her Instagram story, Amira announced that she would announce the gender of her baby on the late night show. Perhaps these clues are the answer to that …

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