These two popular applications, along with over 1,000 other local applications and tens of thousands of international applications are available in their own store. HUAWEI AppGallery, preinstalled on the new tablet.

AppGallery comes with complete security and protection, including verification of the real name of the developer and the four-step review process for the secure operation of the application.

With a 9.7-inch HD display and powerful audio capabilities, HUAWEI MatePad T 10 offers a captivating multimedia experience for users of all ages. The combination of the octa-core chipset of EMUI 10.1 and the advanced algorithm makes this tablet offer improved graphics and increased performance. Whether you want to read the news, watch videos or shop online, you can switch between apps and enjoy a stable, syncope-free experience.

Thanks to the light and portable case, you can bring your favorite applications, games and videos closer and you can embark on a captivating visual journey wherever you are.

BestJobs and State of the Nation, two important names that you can access from the tablet screen

With the application BestJobs, users have access to a variety of jobs across Europe. By simply navigating the application, they can find the right job and apply for it quickly, right from the tablet screen. Due to its small size, it can be used on the go, from anywhere.

Users can view and apply for jobs or save them for later application. They can access all applications and get push notifications for new jobs that match the selected search criteria.

application The State of the Nation makes available to users the full shows, parodies and sketches of the State of the Nation brand. All special projects developed by the State of the Nation exclusively for online can be found by users directly in the application. Thus, they can enjoy their favorite moments of entertainment and relaxation directly in front of the tablet, equipped with an HD display and powerful audio technologies, for a captivating experience.

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