Young people have only to sit for three weeks between their two injections| Young people only have to sit three weeks between two injections

Is the coronavirus crisis going to end? People are now ready to have a good time and go on holiday after a difficult year and half of lockdowns. Despite the numerous vaccinations, we find ourselves back in time due to rising infections. What’s the current situation? You can follow the latest Covid news right here.

Young people may be able to reduce the time it takes for the second corona jab. They can get the second shot three weeks later if they schedule an appointment now.

Adults’ so-called “sticking interval” fell from 35 days to 28 on Monday. Moderna vaccine requires that there be at least four weeks in between each shot. With the BioNTech vaccine, a shorter interval is possible, but the GGD appointment system can’t distinguish between the vaccines. Therefore, adults are required to take the longest time.

Only Pfizer or BioNTech can give the vaccine to young people. This is why they are able to allow three weeks between injections.

If you are a young person who has already scheduled an appointment for injections but have not had your first injection, you can move the appointment forward to get the second one. If you have already made an appointment for the second injection, it’s not possible to make another date.

It is likely that the actual number of deaths from corona in India is ten times greater than what is publicly known. According to US researchers, between 3.4 and 4.75 million people have died due to Covid-19. However, authorities have reported 415,000 deaths.

These statements are made by the Center for Global Development in Washington based on calculations which look at excess mortality in a country with almost 1.4 billion people. According to the researchers, it is the worst humanitarian catastrophe in India since 1947 when the country gained independence. According to estimates, two million people were killed when British India split into Hindu India (now Pakistan) and Muslim Pakistan at independence.

Official statistics show that the United States (609,000), and Brazil (5422,000) have had more deaths. It is important to note that many countries are not reporting all deaths. Experts in health have stated that India has a higher number of infections and deaths than it appears.

This is not due to insufficient registration but also because of the severe contamination this spring. Many infections meant that not everyone was able to be tested. Additionally, the health care system was overloaded. Many Indian states have seen an increase in their death rates as thousands of people have yet to be processed.

Testcoronanu apologizes for the data breach. On Saturday, the Dutch Data Protection Authority ordered Testcoronanu to cease testing after it became apparent that you could create fake travel and admission tickets. Data of tens to thousands of individuals was also exposed. According to Testcoronanu, however, this data breach shouldn’t be used as a reason to make personal threats against staff.

It isn’t clear if the company may be under threat, or what kind of threats. Testcoronanu claims it will report all threats, “of every kind.”

False admission and travel tickets could be used to get a valid QR code through the government’s CoronaCheck App. RTL Nieuws first brought this to our attention. The Ministry of Health expelled the company from its government system. Testcoronanu was an affiliate of This website allows travelers to request a free corona exam.

Testcoronanu claims that the data breach occurred immediately after it was discovered. The company stated that an independent investigation report was being prepared by a “reputable cybersecurity organization”. Testcoronanu says that no evidence has been presented to show that third parties may have misappropriated the data. Testcoronanu says that corrective and preventive measures have been taken to ensure such incidents don’t happen more often.



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