We were surfing the web calmly, without pressure, seeing what was there, when suddenly this old advertisement published in the Reforma newspaper on December 30, 2006:

As you can see, the announcement is focused on the PlayStation family, particularly in PlayStation 2 and in PSP, and in the way in which they could be bought for months in various establishments such as Blockbuster (!), Sears, Liverpool and Walmart.

In addition to the impact naturally caused by seeing an old ad, what immediately caught our attention were the prices from both platforms.

In the case of PlayStation 2, the no-game version had a base price of 2,299 Mexican pesos, while the one that came bundled with Burnout Legends and FIFA 07 could be obtained from 2,899.

Also, the bundle that included the silver version of the console with Need for Speed: Carbon and also FIFA 07 had a base price of 2,999 pesos.

On the other hand, the PSP with -one more time- FIFA 07 could be obtained from 3,399 pesos.

‘They are absurdly low prices’, many will be saying, especially if you consider that PlayStation 5 will arrive in Mexico in 13,999 MXN in the case of the version with a disc tray, and in 11,499 as far as digital is concerned.

But it happens that at the time of the advertisement, December 2006, PlayStation 2 I was already leaving and PlayStation 3 it had just hit the market.

In fact, many will remember that the third iteration of the Sony platform arrived in our country at a approximate cost of 10 thousand pesos.

And as for PSP, at the time of the announcement, it was just over a year and a half old, that is, it was relatively recent hardware and did not see a successor until PS Vita It arrived in late 2011, the latter out of production since last year.