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Fans of the bestselling author can’t get enough of his scary stories. These Stephen King books and films guarantee goosebumps and banish boredom.

Stephen King books as a film template

His books have been terrifying us for over four decades. Stephen King has shaped popular literature like no other since his first published novel “Carrie” in 1974. The king of horror has published over 50 novelsmany of which have been filmed. Here you will find a list of books and films that will take away any boredom.

“The Running Man”

Before he finally made his breakthrough with “Carrie” in 1974, Stephen King was rejected by several publishers. Out of curiosity, King published under the pseudonym Richard Bachmann after the onset of his success, his previously rejected early works. He wanted to find out whether these would be successful even without his world-famous name. “The Running Man”, in German “Menschenjagd”, from 1982 is the fourth novel by Stephen King published under Richard Bachmann.

Set in 2025, it tells the story of Benjamin Stuart Richards. He lives in poverty with his wife and seriously ill daughter and, out of financial desperation, decides to take part in the gruesome TV show entitled “Running Man”. The aim of the program is to kill the family man in a media-effective manner. In 1987 the book was written by Stephen King filmed with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. However, the action-packed film adaptation differs significantly from the very socially critical novel.

Decide for yourself which version you like better: The film adaptation of “The Running Man” or the book you like here receive.

Manhunt Stephen King Amazon


With “Shining” hat Stephen King die Template created for a cinematic masterpiece, which there was no getting around in the 1980s. Director genius Stanley Kubrick and three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson made the film one The figurehead of the horror film genre.

Sometimes individual scenes had to be shot up to 127 times before Kubrick was satisfied. “Shining” contains autobiographical traits, as the main character writer Jack Torrance, like Stephen King himself, struggles with alcohol problems and worked as an English teacher before he started writing.

The literary template for the film is there here.

Shining Buch Stephen King Amazon


With this work Stephen King was catapulted into the literary Olympus of the horror genre. Traumatized by teasing and living with a fanatically religious mother Carrie discovered her telekinetic skills at the age of 16. When she gets her first period in the shower after gym class and panics thinking she is dying, her classmates humiliate her and throw tampons at her. But this is just the beginning of the atrocities Carrie must experience.

Gradually, the student becomes aware of her psychic powers and takes revenge on her classmates and her mother. However, the vengeance degenerates and kills 440 people.

Here find the remake of “Carrie” from 2013 with Julianne Moore and Chloë Grace Moretz. You can find the book from 1974 here.

Carrie Stephen King Buch Amazon


In 2019 the horror clown Pennywise returned to German cinemas.

With Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader, the film has a top-class cast and promises top-class horror. In 2017, director Andrés Muschietti set a new record with the re-release of the 1990 film. 27 years passed, fans of the work know what that means. “It” became the most commercially successful horror film of all time and thus replaced “The Exorcist”.

You can use the 2017 version here look at, “Es 2” from 2019 is available here. You can find Stephen King’s novel here.

It Stephen King’s book Amazon

Material for a movie marathon

You can stream other films based on the books by Stephen King via Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, for example. Here you can try Prime Video for 30 days for free. Stephen King’s books are also available as audiobooks. Here you can get your free Audible trial subscription.

The Institute

Stephen King The Institute Book Amazon

The novel was published on September 10, 2019 “The Institute”. In it, Stephen King tells the story of the paranormal Luke Ellis, whose parents are murdered by shady characters one night.

The twelve-year-old is taken along and wakes up in an institute with other children. Little by little, more and more of them disappear without a trace. Here you can order the book and find out what happens next.

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