You may experience periods that are unusual for a few minutes after corona.

Many women have shared on social media that they experienced different periods or stronger after receiving corona vaccinations. The side effects of vaccines are not known to cause menstrual issues. Your period may temporarily change after an injection. This is normal.

Social media has a lot of stories about people claiming that their period would be more intense or even stop. The corona vaccine does not affect menstruation.

Bertho Nieboer is a Radboudumc gynecologist and menstrual specialist. It is possible for your first period to be slightly different after vaccination. This is not something you should be worried about. Other factors, like fever, can temporarily affect your menstruation.

There is no known side effect

Pfizer’s corona vaccination was approved by more than 40,000 people. Side effects such as abnormal menstruation were not identified in this study. The opposite is true with corona vaccines.

You can notify the Lareb side effects centre if you have any side effects after vaccination. Lareb data indicates that there have been many reports of menstrual issues after vaccination. These problems can range from bleeding that is sudden and severe to periods that are irregular or delayed. Nearly 12 million people in the Netherlands have had at most one corona jab. More than 17,000 people have reported the well-known side effect headache.

It is not possible to determine if the menstrual issues reported were caused by the vaccination. Lareb may not receive all reports of menstrual irregularities.

This is how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work in your body

This is how Moderna and Pfizer vaccines work in your body

Influence is possible

Nieboer says it is possible to experience abnormal menstruation the first time after a corona Jab. Nieboer says that this could be due to two factors.

The first is that the vaccination greatly boosts your immune system. The vaccination increases your immunity to the coronavirus. The timing and severity your next period can be affected by a boost to the immune system. Sometimes, the second period after vaccination may be slightly different.

Second, stress from the pandemic, or even the vaccine itself, can affect your period. Nieboer refers to a Turkish study looking at the impact of the corona panic on the menstrual cycle of female health workers who had been having regular periods prior to the corona crisis. Healthcare workers who were subject to high levels of stress or anxiety during the pandemic were more likely than others to report that their periods became irregular.

Corona vaccine doesn’t make you infertile.

Nieboer states that if you have your period one week earlier than usual after vaccination, this will affect your chance of getting pregnant that month. The jab doesn’t affect your chances of becoming pregnant over a longer period. Menstruation can be temporarily affected by severe flu.

Marjolein van Egmond an immunologist explained previously to why rumors regarding infertility after vaccination are wrong. This article is available here.



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