You make a fortune on the new Macs, but they come with several problems: what you need to know

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After the announcement of the new iPhone 12, it took about a week for all the negative details about that launch to go online. It seems that we are suffering the same with the new MacBooks announced a few days ago.

Apple product launch conferences have become a kind of game where you have to pay close attention to what was not said at the conference to figure out what the issues are. It would be fascinating if we didn’t talk about investing thousands of dollars in the middle.

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled three new systems, a Mac mini, a MacBook Air and a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unlike all the Macs of the past years, these are the first with a proprietary processor created by Apple, in-house. Similar to what you find in iPads or iPhones, the new SoCs use ARM architecture and, by default, come bundled with some important limitations.

But if you had looked at the Apple conference, you would have thought that it was only milk and honey in the case of Macs with M1 processor. The reality is not so simple. They are faster in synthetic tests and have significantly more autonomy, but there will be significant compatibility issues and hardware limitations resulting from changing the platform.

Aside from the fact that you can’t install a Windows 10 in Boot Camp due to the lack of X86 or X64 architecture, even if you opt for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, you’re limited to 16GB of RAM, instead of 32GB as you would be could have on old Macs with Intel processor. Moreover, USB 4 or Thunderbolt ports no longer support external video cards, in case you want to do serious graphics processing, if you still got a Pro.

I’m not insisting that the new MacBook Pro 13 is limited to only two USB Type-C ports, compared to the old Pro that could be bought with four ports. I don’t even understand why Pro still has the title.

According to information obtained by Apple Insider, this could also be the reason why there will not be a new 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020. These systems on the ARM architecture, at least for now, can not align with the demands of serious Mac users. It is worth buying only if you love the extra time spent away from the outlet.


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