Sunday’s Emilia Romagna GP saw a frightening incident that could have been really bad.

Racing Point Lance Stroll drove the track around at full race speed when arriving at the place where George Russell had previously driven out.

Railroad officers were on the track cleaning it of debris and loose debris. Stroll slipped past the spot at full race speed, luckily avoiding hits.

The ferocious situation was the result of a safety car. Stroll had previously visited the depot, and he was driving another hose to catch at a fast pace. After passing a hose pulled by a safety car, officers at Russell’s crash site returned to the cleaning trees, but Stroll’s approach was not announced.

The TV picture shows how there is a yellow flag on the board along the track. However, Stroll does not slow down at all at the scene of the accident.

Watch a video of the incident here.

The Canadian race in Imola was miserable. Stroll crashed already at the start, dropping a set on the tail. In addition, he painfully swept the stable mechanic during his upside-down depot stop.

Stroll has missed points in five races in a row. Stable friend Sergio Perez was instead sixth. Stroll will continue in the ranks of the team next season, Perez will not.