The mass crash seen at the Toscana GP rematch is one of the weirdest in the next few years in the F1 series. Happiness was on the way wildly.

The four cars hit each other violently as the cars only prepared for the start acceleration. At the tip of the hose Valtteri Bottas collected the bundle in a pile before switching to full throttle on the main line.

The Finn did nothing wrong with the situation. This was also acknowledged by the jury, which issued a warning to as many as 12 drivers. The jury felt that driving the drivers was reckless as the accelerator pedal was depressed and the pace slowed in a dangerous way.

Dangerous deceleration

The pumping movement acted as a catalyst in a mass crash. The accident was the sum of many things that went wrong.

Although Bottas drove slowly at the top, the differences between the cars in the trail still ripped large. Some of the drivers apparently deliberately left a small odor gap to those driving ahead, so a little hint at the start of the move would be another advantage.

The idea went wrong for many drivers. When the rest of the group had not yet set off, the fierce acceleration had to be interrupted. For those behind, this left no time to react to a surprising and, under normal circumstances, completely exceptional situation.


The video uploaded to Youtube shows a mass crash from a new angle from a depot. Attention is drawn to Williams, who advanced in 11th place George Russellin activities.

The story continues after the video.

Russell has left a really big difference in the cars ahead. As the British begin their acceleration, he notices that Bottas is still driving quietly at the forefront. The Finn was fully entitled to that. He set the pace, the others had to obey.

Russell lifts his legs off the gas, and as those behind him had followed suit and started to accelerate, the sterns of the cars quickly meet.

Kevin Magnussen gets on his neck Antonio Giovinazzin and Carlos Sainzin. Nicholas latifi remains in the same vein, even though he barely had time to dodge the Haas drivers.