Renault again scored nicely from the Italian GP, ​​but the French driver of the team Esteban Oconia the result was not pleasing. However, the man’s hymn was rudely cut off by the stable.

Ocon finished eighth in the race. The ranking fell by a notch in the final round of the race as the road cleared its way up Lewis Hamilton overtook the Frenchman.

After crossing the checkered flag, Ocon’s performance was praised, after all, he and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo (6.) brought 12 MM points from Monza to the team.

Ocon was not happy. He believed the team had a better chance at a crazy race.

– We slept completely past our chance, Ocon begin their complaint before the intervention of the race engineer.

– Don’t talk about this on the radio. Let’s talk in the office.

– No, yes we have to face this thing …

– Please, don’t talk about this on the radio, Ocon was bluntly told.

Twitter is juicing with the idea of ​​what will be associated with the stable for next season Fernando Alonso would have thought of such drastic action.

The hot-blooded Spaniard has become known not only for his driving skills, but also for his explosive nature.

What did Ocon mean?

If you didn’t know what was going on in the race, Ocon’s rise from the starting box of the re-start to 12th to eighth could be considered an excellent performance. However, the man was right, Renault had a chance for better.

Pierre Gaslyn the rise to profit was built on an excellently timed depot visit. The man replaced the new tires under lap 19. At the time, he was driving behind Ocon.

In addition to copying the countryman’s perfect timing, the opportunity for a better result would have been available in another way as well.

When the race started after the red flags, there was Racing Point Lance Stroll rose from eighth to second. This was made possible by the team’s tactical decision to keep the Canadian driver on the track while everyone else went to change their tires. Ocon had done this in the vanguard, losing other more investments.

Before the safety car, Ocon was driving ninth in the race at Stroll.