“You can’t always tell your sweetheart to stay home in front of the TV”

In a long interview George Clooney claims that Netflix, on which his Midnight Sky will debut, will not kill cinemas. The actor explains why, comforting us.

George Clooney is among those filmmakers who have entrusted their creation to streaming. The actor’s new directorial film, Midnight Sky, will arrive on Netflix on December 23rd. But this is not the reason why the fascinating George he thinks that platforms will never, ever cause the ruin of cinemas, which the pandemic has certainly not helped. No, Clooney is optimistic about the future of cinemas, as he stated in an interview with Deadline. The author of Good Night, and Good Luck he said: “I have the feeling that everyone is afraid that Covid has sent everything to the cards forty-eight, and therefore goodbye to cinema. I don’t think that’s true. A situation like this also occurred with the arrival of television and VHS, DVDs etc. I really don’t think that’s true. I think there will be room for everyone. Take for example Netflix, which will release The Midnight Sky on a few hundred screens. We shot in 65mm, which means the film was clearly intended for theaters, but for me it means we can do both and theaters won’t close. “

Then George Clooney tries to emphasize how, at a time like this, concerns and priorities are different: “You can’t always tell your sweetheart: let’s stay home watching crap on TV. You have to go out every now and then. We’re not seeing the end of anything. . I feel incredibly optimistic to have a chance like this right now, and it certainly saddens me not to be able to see my film on a big screen as I had anticipated. to get the movie into theaters, and so I’ll say it’s incredibly cool that Netflix is ​​there, which gives you the chance to show your works anyway. If it weren’t for Netflix, you wouldn’t have such an opportunity. My experience with them was fantastic and I would immediately do another one “.

Clooney he is just one of the many directors who, in the Coronavirus era, entrusted the debut of one of his films to Netflix. They are already part of the ranks Spike Lee, Ron Howard e David Fincher. GeorgeHowever, he takes a step forward, arguing that directors and actors should be happy with the possibilities that streaming platforms offer them: “If you are an actor, a director or a screenwriter, this situation can only be favorable for you. many more outlets in this way. If I were a young actor, I would have many more opportunities for work. I think this is good news, after all. I believe that cinema will continue. Chris Nolan he is right to write in defense of theaters. We will certainly continue and should continue to go to the cinema. I think it is a great sacrifice for people now to give up Thanksgiving dinner or not send their kids to school. In this situation it becomes difficult to say: come and see my film “.

George Clooney he will also be right, and his words are undoubtedly comforting, but, beyond the sadness of having to give up the magic of the cinematographic experience, what saddens us are the precarious conditions of those who work for and in theaters. However, after this very bad period, we too are convinced that people will return to the cinema, more enthusiastic and greedy for good things than before.


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