You can now translate what your cat says with this app

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Who has not dreamed that one day he could decipher the language of the most faithful four-legged companion? This is the promising promise made by the new Meow Talk mobile application. You can now “talk” to your cat.

Developed by former Amazon engineer Javier Sanchez, Meow Talk relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to decipher the cries your cat produces and instantly translate them into English.

Specifically, the more you “train” the application, the more it will be able to recognize your cat’s main intentions (“Mom!”, “I’m hungry!”, “I want to hunt!”, “I love you!” “It hurts” etc.).

The application, which was officially launched in mid-August, was very successful during the lockdown and ranks ninth among the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store, with over 100,000 downloads.

HuffPost he wanted to test Meow Talk and was able to count on four guinea pigs for this: Ziggy, Zoya, Seoul and Basil.

This technology available on Android but iOS doesn’t seem to convince specialists. Eva Moran, a cat behaviorist, says it’s primarily a trick. “The puppies are very different, depending on the cat, of course. The owners have to adapt to the context, not to take for granted everything that the application says “, explains the specialist.

Javier Sanchez is aware that his application is not perfect. “Each cat has its own vocalization and a meow vocabulary that goes beyond these general intentions,” he says.

Anyone who has worked with Alexa’s personal assistant in the past hopes the app will “create even more connections with your cat,” according to GeekWire. He intends to go further and is already working on a connected collar to get a more accurate translation.

For several years, other applications have given cat owners the opportunity to converse with their cat, using pre-recorded meows. “Cat Screams” has been available on Android since 2013. These apps should represent a cat’s different emotional states and help you “communicate” better with it.


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