Today the private transportation company, Beat, announced that Mexico will be the first country in Latin America to have the largest fleet of electric cars in the region. The electric cars that users can use on their trips are nothing more and nothing less than Tesla Model 3, which will be available from the Beat Tesla service.

Beat’s mission is not to bring only a luxury car service to users, but to offer a unique and unbeatable experience while supporting a sustainable future with zero-carbon travel, this as mentioned in its official statement.

The company that claims to be the fastest growing company of its kind in Latin America also announced that Beat Tesla drivers have received adequate training to ensure a unique customer experience, from the moment the trip is requested until the ends.

Regarding safety, Beat will take advantage of the cameras built into the car to record exterior and interior images and ensure a safe and worry-free driving and travel experience.

Where will the service be available?

Beat Tesla for now will be an exclusive service for Mexico City. The vehicles will start operating from this October 5, and the available neighborhoods where you can request Tesla vehicles are: Lomas de Tecamachalco, Lomas de San Isidro, Bosques de las Lomas, Lomas de Chapultepec, Bosque de Chapultepec, Polanco, Anzures, Rome, Countess, Naples, Cuauhtémoc and Juárez.

In an interview with ForbesSanja Ilic, COO of Beat mentioned that these areas were carefully selected with market research. On the other hand, she mentioned that the service was launched in Mexico because this is a very important market for the company in terms of its growth plans, being already the number 3 brand in the country in private transport.

Because the Tesla Model 3s will be used solely as a premium service, there are no plans that these vehicles will be used on “normal” trips, and therefore, their price will also be higher compared to the rates on other trips you use. the company.

On the other hand, there are plans to bring Beat Tesla to countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.