You can go on dates undisturbed

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To be able to go on a date undisturbed was previously unimaginable for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. In the USA, this is apparently possible for them.

Prince Harry, 36, and Duchess Meghan, 39, have been living in the Californian town of Montecito since the summer. Their new place of residence seems to open up opportunities for them that they did not have during their time in Los Angeles, and especially in the UK. An insider has now betrayed the US magazine “People”that it shouldn’t be a problem for the two of them to go on a date.

“Nobody really bothered you”

They should not be disturbed by the slightly less than 9,000 inhabitants of Montecitos. “Nobody really bothered them,” reveals the anonymous source. Accordingly, the two of them only go on a date as a couple from time to time, but sometimes with friends. Most recently, according to US media reports, they celebrated the baby news of a befriended couple on a double date. The US actress Katharine McPhee, 36, and her husband, the composer David Foster, 70, are expecting their first child together. Apparently the two couples met for a three-hour dinner in an exclusive steakhouse. The style of Meghan Markle Fashion-Looks (1561104)

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are happy about the new privacy

Dem “Us Weekly” magazine had previously stated an insiderthat Harry “absolutely hated” living in Los Angeles. The royals would have had no privacy there. US media reported in the summer that Harry and Meghan should have bought a property in Montecito for the equivalent of around 12.35 million euros. The main house will offer a living space of around 1,300 square meters and, in addition to nine bedrooms, also have a home cinema, a fitness studio and a wellness oasis.


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