The San Raffaele Hospital in Milan said on Saturday that the 54-year-old car racer and Paralympic had stabilized physically and nervously so he could continue his recovery in a Padua institution closer to home and family, MTI reported.

Zanardi had an accident on June 19 when he competed in a hand-held, three-wheeled vehicle, handbike, at a national relay race for parasailers. When he switched to the other lane, he collided with an oncoming truck, dropped his helmet, and suffered severe head, face, and eye injuries. After the accident, he was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he was on a ventilator and kept in an artificial coma. Since then, he has undergone several stabilizing surgeries, including surgery of his face and skull.

As a well-known Italian car racer, he suffered such a serious accident at a 2001 CART (now called IndyCar) race in Germany that he had to have his legs amputated. With the help of a prosthesis he designed himself, he learned to walk again and then raced in a touring car. He then found a new challenge for the hand-held bike, in which he won four Paralympic championship titles: two in 2012 in London and two in 2016 in Rio.