In this week’s You Are What You Eat section, doctor Pippa Laukka helped the fiancé and entrepreneur Enni Koistista change their lifestyles.

The 32-year-old Enni, who admits to be a passionate cook, faced particular challenges related to oversized portion sizes, a non-existent dish pattern, and lack of exercise.

Body-positive Enni told the program how she likes her body, but she is aware of health problems. There really were.

Previously, the weight at the beginning of the program was 121 cents and the waist circumference 131 cents. Overweight Before was 32 pounds.

-I have mid-body obesity. I am aware of its dangers, Enni told Pipa.

However, the most serious was that, according to Pipa, Enni was very close to type 2 diabetes, cholesterol levels were badly elevated, and Enni’s blood age was as close as 50 years old.

Pippa guided motivated Enni to better lifestyles. The portion sizes decreased, Enni began to follow a healthy plate pattern, she ate snacks between meals and the amount of exercise increased. Enni especially liked walking.

The changes paid off. In eight weeks before, the weight dropped to 8 pounds.

“This is exactly the pace I wanted,” Pippa says.

Previously, the fat percentage dropped from 43.8 to 40 percent and the waist circumference narrowed to a meter.

– This is how it can be possible. Huh! Black feels like I have to go home with the measure and make sure of it once again, Enni marveled at the narrowing of the web by 31 cents.

Enn cholesterol levels returned to normal within two months, as did blood sugar levels, i.e., Enn sugar levels are no longer close to type 2 diabetes. The “age” of the blood vessels also improved, so that they are now before age.

–Full pot, Pippa sums up.