You are the one who is closest to someone who has just fallen ill. What can you do if they need first aid?

Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer, collapsed on Saturday during a match at European Football Championship. Since then, there have been several incidents involving CPR and first aid. The Red Cross reports directly to What should you do if your friend or family member collapses, and you haven’t (yet?) taken a first aid class?

“Check to see if the victim can be reached. If the victim is not available, please call 112 immediatelyMarjolijn rodenburg, CPR/AED trainer at Red Cross, tells that it is okay to do so. “The emergency dispatchers then will tell you exactly what should be done.”

“The dispatcher at 112 guides and directs you through the process.”Rodenburg stated. “For example, they might ask you to place your phone on the speakerphone beside you and lay the victim on your back to check if you have normal breathing.

“It is crucial to immediately start CPR if there is any doubt about whether the person is breathing normally.Rodenburg emphasizes this. Rodenburg explains, “If a person stops breathing, it means that their heart isn’t receiving oxygen. Then the heart can stop beating.”

“Place your hands on the victim’s chest, and press down. This process should be repeated thirty times.Rodenburg explains the workings of CPR.

“Then give the person two mouth–to-mouth resuscitationsThen press your chest 30 times more. Continue to do this cycle of chest compressions, ventilation, and ventilation.

“You will never do it wrong”

Rodenburg believes that even people who don’t have a CPR or first-aid course are able to gain self-confidence by having an employee from the emergency centre encourage them. “You never do it wrong,” adds the CPR trainer. It’s always good to do something. Dare to do something.

Rodenburg shares the story of Rodenburg’s wife, who was not trained in CPR and witnessed her husband suffer cardiac arrest. “He wasn’t approachable, and she noticed that he wasn’t breathing normally. She immediately dialed 112.”

“The dispatcher gave her instructions via remote and encouraged her. She kept CPR going for seven more minutes, until emergency personnel arrived. He survived his cardiac arrest thanks to her bravery.

“Doing something is always good. Therefore, dare to act.”

Marjolijn rodenburg, Red Cross CPR and AED trainer

“Registering AEDs for Civil Assistance is Critical” is informed by a spokesperson for Noord-Holland Noord Safety Region, that operators will always request the telephone number of the person calling. The operator can also call back if the call goes unanswered.

The safety region stated that they hope as many people as possible can learn how to resuscitate, and then register with’s civilian assistance network. We ask everyone with an AED to register it via or the Hartstichting. An AED (also known as a defibrillator) is a device that can be used to give shocks to restore heart rhythm.

According to the security area, the control room can quickly call the civilian emergency services through this network. This will allow someone to arrive on the scene to aid with resuscitation. “The first few minutes are critical and a civilian first responseer is always close by.”


How can you do CPR with an AED and what are the steps?

Nearly 12,000 CPR notification via civil emergency network

HartslagNu handled almost twelve thousand resuscitation cases in 2020, reports. Some reports were not actually CPR situations.

An AED was used in 59.33% of all CPRs. It was connected by either a civilian emergency worker, a fire brigade, or an ambulance. The AED delivered a shock in 39.2 percent (39.2%) of CPRs.

HartslagNu believes that around one hundred thousand AEDs hang in the Netherlands. 23500 of these have been registered with the citizen help network, which has more than 200,000 volunteers. AEDs can be used day or night by 18 000 people.

Red Cross CPR Training: 240 Percent More Registrations was informed by The Red Cross that it has received more CPR training requests than ever since Eriksen’s collapse. CPR training was requested by twenty times more people this weekend than it is on a typical weekend.

According to the Red Cross most applicants have never had to practice CPR. After the Eriksen tragedy, there has been a slight increase in the number of people who register for refresher courses at the emergency aid agency.

HartslagNu also has a lot more registrations

HartslagNu had three hundred registered civilian emergency workers on Saturday and Sunday. This is more than the average number of emergency workers who register with HartslagNu each day. Since Saturday, there have been more than eight hundred new registrations to the citizen assistance network.

Rodenburg informs those who are interested in CPR and first aid that CPR courses and CPR don’t take long. On the Red Cross YouTube channel, you can view videos that teach you how to resuscitate.



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