“You are in a secret meeting”: a journalist finds himself in the videoconference of European ministers (video)

Journalist Daniël Verlaan managed to infiltrate a Zoom meeting bringing together the 27 European defense ministers.

Lhe Dutch journalist Daniël Verlaan managed to invite himself to a secret videoconference meeting of European defense ministers. According to the private channel RTL Nieuws, he broke into a secure meeting of EU defense ministers after discovering an identifier and part of a confidential code on a tweet with an image showing the Dutch minister of defense. Defense Ank Bijleveld working remotely.

The journalist discovered five of the six digits of the secret code and soon after managed to gain access to the meeting, RTL reported.

No additional security steps were necessary, the RTL News reporter was immediately admitted to the meeting. Very comfortable in front of his webcam, wearing a broad smile, and waving big signs to the 27 European ministers, the Dutch journalist quickly answers the question put to him by the High Representative of the EU for Business Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. “Do you know you are breaking into a secret conference?” “. ” Yes sorry. I am a journalist from the Netherlands, ”he answered a question from Mr Borrell. “I’m sorry to interrupt your meeting, I’m going to leave it meeting now.” “

In total, the reporter only stayed at the meeting for a few minutes. The conference was immediately canceled for security reasons.

This incident shows that “ministers must once again realize how careful” we have to be on Twitter, Rutte said at his weekly press conference.

An EU diplomatic source told AFP that “the insecurity of communications forced the work to be cut immediately.” The EU notes “that it is imperative to strengthen the security of communications of the institutions”, added this source.



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