Yes-R is awarded a certificate as a trainer, and it leads to a job that’s truly his dream job

Yes-R surprised both friend and foe when he obtained his UEFA C Youth License. He will be working in the main division alongside the youth of SV Diemen. This isn’t the first time a rapper has been involved in national football. His cousin Ali Bouali was once an agent, and Boef expressed interest in a takeover. Mounir Boualin, a reporter, visited Yesser Roshdy’s club to ask him about his future sporting goals and why he made the career change.

That the rap scene and football often go hand in hand is not lost on the 34-year-old new trainer: “It strikes me that almost every rapper says that they would rather have become professional football players. I also know many football players who used to be musicians or like to rap. At a young age, Ali and I were both successful as musicians. When I was seventeen I was already in the Top 40, then it is very difficult to divide your attention and I soon saw that I was just a bit more talented in music.”

He is taking the first steps towards his second great passion, football. Although his dream to be a professional player in football was not realized due to his musical career. After obtaining his license, he can work as a head coach with the youth in the premier league: “It started with my son wanting to play football. He began with the minis, but couldn’t do much about it. But he kept getting better. I was eventually promoted to assistant coach, and later to head coach. It felt like an obligation to the team to get the papers. That they have a trainer who, in addition to some personal football experience, also understands coaching and knows what he is talking about.”

Yes-R speaks out about his favorite Premier League game and his ultimate dream to coach the Egyptian national football team. He understands that this is still a long way off, but despite the often skeptical outside world, he has never been afraid to dream big: “There are always people who encourage you, but also who underestimate you or want to bring you down. It has always motivated me. It was also true for me when I first started coaching and when my music career began. They would then say, “Ah, there’s another celebrity who wants the trainer.” It is wonderful if you can prove the opposite by obtaining your papers and sporting achievements.”


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