The version I tested is PC4-28800 with 2 memories of 8GB each, which goes up to 3600MHz but, as I wrote above, there are others that reach 4800MHz, for those who want to get the butter out of -a PC.

The memories have an interesting design, with several geometric shapes formed by lines that intersect their surface, and an RGB triangle on the outside. They are simple and quite good-looking, have an aluminum radiator and fit quite well in the case of any PC.

They are compatible with AMD and Intel platforms, so you should have no major installation problems. Interestingly, if you have an Intel processor, you will be able to work on their XMP2.0 settings, so you can overclock them if needed without entering the BIOS. But I have a processor with AMD, so for the overclocking part, it was necessary to enter the BIOS.

Before overclocking.

XPG Spectrix D50 - Good RAM, with RGB lighting (TECH REVIEW)

After overclocking.

Without overclocking, the memories operate at a frequency of 1332.5MHz each, ie 2667MHz cumulatively. After overclocking, it reached 3400MHz, and I did not encounter any operating problems. In games and everyday use, both in overclocking and in normal mode, the memories have moved excellently, and the speed they have is a considerable asset. The transfer rate on the RAM socket is 28800MB / s, being excellent for use in AAA games or content creation.

RGB lighting is controlled by a dedicated, very simple software that allows you to turn it on or off and choose different lighting profiles.

XPG Spectrix D50 - Good RAM, with RGB lighting (TECH REVIEW)

If you are looking for fast RAM, to build a PC or to replace the old ones, XPG Spectrix D50 are a very good, fast version that offers a little color to the inside of the case.

XPG Spectrix D50 - Good RAM, with RGB lighting (TECH REVIEW)