With the help of technology, it is possible to achieve things that were previously unthinkable.

Cinema, for example, has evolved over time and now we have the ability to enjoy fictional worlds in astonishing resolutions that really make you feel immersed and on screen; as if you were living history.

Times have changed, as well as rituals and cinema can now be enjoyed even in our own homes, with the help of the services of streaming, huge screens or other accessories. We even show you some gadget options with which you could personalize your own cinema no matter where you are.

But what if you don’t have a television on hand or don’t want to invest in a sound system?

For this, some brands have been commissioned to manufacture projectors with the purpose of having a device that has the possibility of granting a cinema experience with a captured image and a speaker at the same time.

And, if we add that some of those projectors include smart functions in the style of a smart TV, the experience is further optimized.

In the market, there are multiple options of projectors that are for sale and that have the same objective, but to acquire one, you have to assess various aspects such as the resolution they offer, brightness, sharpness, focus, your operating system or interface, etc.

Some of the most recognized brands in the manufacture of this type of products are Optoma, ViewSonic, Epson, BenQ and others.

However, Xiaomi It has also started to bet on this terrain and shows it with its projector called Mi Smart Compact Projector that promises a great integrated sound chamber.

We had the opportunity to test it and these are some of the things we would like to highlight.

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Projection ratio and size

A projector is an optical device that receives a video signal and projects the image onto a screen or any surface where it can be seen clearly.

The projector Xiaomi It features HDR10 video decoding, allowing for a wider range with sharper colors. Its resolution is 1080p Full HD to preserve true colors, but the image quality will depend a lot on the size in which you are going to project your content.

This product promises to look good on a 40 to 200-inch screen or wall (although 60 to 120 is recommended), making it easy for you to move it anywhere as long as you find a surface where it can be appreciated.

In that sense, it will depend a lot on where you want to project the image. If you need your movie, series or video to look at the highest quality, you may not be able to achieve it as you would with a television.

But if your goal is only to have a device that can project content to be in another place or to get out of the routine, it is an excellent option, although you will have to take great care of the lighting that surrounds you. Otherwise, the sharpness could be lost and no viewer would enjoy that.

Android TV 9.0

Without a doubt, one of the aspects that most complement this projector is the fact that it integrates Android TV 9.0, an interface with which we are all familiar and that allows, of course, to have a wide catalog of applications, services and even games.

This gives the projector access to the app store of Google, as well as other plugins of software how Assistant, a useful tool for executing commands.

Unfortunately, not all the applications that you would find from other devices were available in the projector store. Prime VideoFor example, it is not possible to install, like other games like Call of Duty: Mobile, but the catalog is not limited.

To fix that, you can stream from your mobile device as if you were using a Chromecast, although this experience presented certain flaws in doing so.

The entire interface can be controlled by means of a very intuitive remote, but first you must configure your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection.

Dolby Audio Sound

The audio is just as important as the image, so, under that logic, it should be clarified that the projector has two 5 W speakers, one on each side, as well as a large interior sound chamber that reinforces the bass and the different layers of audio.

Also, Xiaomi take the opportunity to include Dolby Audio and DTS. The low frequency is output up to 90 Hz.

Based on experience, we must clarify that it can be somewhat uncomfortable to sit right in front of the projector, since the sound could be overwhelming due to an acoustic problem, so you must choose the right place where you want to sit to enjoy whatever you want.

Ports and hardware

The device is very compact (hence the name) and has a DC IN input for current, 3.5 audio output, USB 2.0 and HDMI; With the latter, you can even connect your computer in case you want to optimize an experience that is much more immersive.

You can play your games without any problem, taking advantage of the image quality of this projector.

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And now let’s move on to the most important thing: the price. He Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector It can be found at a recommended price of $ 16,599 MXN.

Worth it? Yes, if you are looking for a quality product that does not take up much space and has a decent sound and image. However, remember that there are other brands and models such as Optoma UHD40 that even offers 4K resolution; a little more expensive, perhaps, but for some it would be worth investing a few more pesos.

Everything will depend on the requirement of each user.