Xi Jinping has signed a decree on new regulations for Hong Kong. Criticism from the EU

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PRC leader Xi Jinping has signed a decree announcing and implementing the controversial public security law developed for Hong Kong in Beijing – official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported Tuesday (June 30). “The law … will come into force that day,” said Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief administration. The decision of the Chinese parliament has been criticized by the heads of the European Council and the European Commission. They announced international talks about a possible answer.

The bill was unanimously adopted by the governing body of the Chinese Parliament, which closed its meeting in Beijing on Tuesday. The decision to add these provisions directly to the Basic Law Annex, or the Hong Kong Mini Constitution, was also approved, Xinhua said.

In a message to the media, Lam expressed satisfaction with the adoption of the new law and rated it as “an important step” towards “improving the institutional system + one country, two systems +, and restoring the stability of Hong Kong society “

“We regret this decision,” said European Council President Charles Michel at a conference in Brussels after the EU-South Korea summit, adding that the new regulations “seriously undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy”.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, pointed out that the EU is currently in talks with “international partners” about possible responses to the decision of the Chinese parliament.

“We are very concerned about this problem,” Niemka emphasizes.

The governing body of the General People’s Assembly of Representatives (OZPL) on Tuesday adopted a draft of a controversial new national security law to be imposed on Hong Kong.

The content of the adopted provisions has not yet been made public. According to the information agency of the Chinese government, a press conference on the new law will take place on Wednesday.

Commentators estimate that the new law will bring about the deepest change in the life of the society of the former British colony since its transfer to the Communist People’s Republic of China in 1997. Plans to implement this law in Hong Kong intensified friction on the line between the US and China and caused serious concern in many Western countries.

The project, prepared and approved in Beijing, will be introduced in Hong Kong without the local legislator. The provisions should be added to the Annex to the Hong Kong Ministries Constitution – the Constitution. They will take effect as soon as they are published in Hong Kong, which commentators will say shortly.

The head of the government of Hong Kong, loyal to Beijing, declined to answer questions about the bill at a news conference on Tuesday. She believed that answering “at this stage would be inappropriate”.

Chinese authorities say the new law is being used to combat separatist, subversive and terrorist activities and is colluding with foreign troops. Critics say it will end freedom and broad civil liberties, which are considered essential to Hong Kong’s position as an international financial center.

Xinhua had previously reported that a state security agency would be established in Hong Kong to “oversee, direct and support” the authorities of the region. Judges ruling on state security issues are elected by the head of the Hong Kong government.

In some matters of state security, decisions need to be taken in Beijing. The new law takes precedence over current regulations in Hong Kong, and its final interpretation will be given by the OZPL Standing Committee – Xinhua said.


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