Xi Jinping congratulates Biden, Tehran asks him to regain pre-Trump relations

The Chinese president sent a message of congratulations. And the Iranian president aspired to return to the situation that existed before January 20, 2017.

Presidente chino Xi Jinping I congratulate this Wednesday Joe Biden for his electoral victory in the US and Iranian President Hassan Rohani invited him to recover the “existing situation” before the government of Donald Trump.

According to local Chinese press, Xi He sent a message to the president-elect in a gesture that ends up sinking any aspiration of Trump to reverse the result of the November 3 election or to validate his claims that the election was stolen from him.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry initially sidestepped the recognition of Biden as president-elect and the congratulations did not arrive until November 13, ten days after the elections. This message has now been joined by Xi Jinping, according to the Xinhua news agency.

The Chinese president’s telegram came after the US administration gave the green light to the transition, despite Trump still failing to concede defeat.

The relationship between Washington and Beijing has been marked in the last four years by tensions. Trump’s criticism of China has been added to the open trade war between the two superpowers in recent months for pandemic management of coronavirus, allegedly originating in the city of Wuhan.

Iran too built bridges towards new administration in the White House.

“Iran and the United States can jointly decide to return to the situation that existed before January 20, 2017,” the date Trump took office in the White House, Rohani declared in the Council of Ministers.

“The policy of the Government of the Islamic Republic is: mutual respect of the commitments, joint reduction of tension, made by facts and respecting those who respect us, “the president reaffirmed.

Diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington, broken in 1980, managed to bring their positions closer together in 2015 thanks to the international agreement about him nuclear program signed in Vienna by Rohani and former US President Barak Obama, along with other five powers worldwide.

In 2018, Republican Donald Trump she came to his pact country and it was discharged against the Persian republic with a battery of harsh economic sanctions that left Iran plunged into a severe recession.

In response, Tehran did not respect most of the key agreements reached in Vienna and, in this context of exacerbated tension, Iran and the United States found themselves on the brink of war twice since June 2019.

“If there is this will on the part of the next American leaders, I believe it will not be difficult to solve” the numerous problems, added Rohani, who believes that returning to the situation before Trump could “change completely the development of things. “

Since the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections on November 3, the Rohani government has multiplied the gestures of rapprochement towards Obama’s vice president, who has already expressed the desire that his country return to the Vienna agreement.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned on Tuesday about “optimism” for a “rapprochement” with the West, considering that “foreigners cannot be trusted.”

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