Cai Xia has launched an unprecedented reproach against the Chinese president, whom he accuses of “killing the country”, and claims that many want to leave the Communist Party.

The teacher was expelled from the party on Monday, after an audio recording with critical remarks she made to Xi was revealed in June. The school said the teacher, who had worked at the party school since 1992, made comments that “damaged the country’s reputation” and were fraught with “serious political problems”.

In the first interview with the English-language press after her exclusion, Cai told The Guardian that she was “happy to be excluded.”

“Under Xi’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party is not a force for China’s progress. In fact, it is an obstacle to China’s progress. I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to leave this party. Many would like to retire or give up. I tried to leave the party several years ago, when there was no room to talk and my voice was completely blocked, “she said.

She initially spoke with The Guardian in June after the recordings came out. At the time, he accused the Chinese leader of turning the country into an “enemy of the world.”

On Tuesday, Cai – who initially requested that the June interview not be published due to threats from her and her family – said she was keen to speak.

“I have more freedom now. My speech is free from any constraints. They are responsible only for their own conscience and their own principles, “she added.

Cai Xia said there was widespread opposition to Xi Jinping within the party and that few dared to speak out because they feared retaliation. In this environment, Xi’s “unhindered power” has led to inevitable mistakes, such as the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beijing has been accused of hiding information about the coronavirus in Wuhan. Health officials announced on January 20 that the virus is contagious, a few weeks after the first case.

The teacher also finds Xi guilty of the country’s international problems.

“Since no one can oppose him, his power is unlimited. He made the world an enemy. At home, he decides on all these big issues. It’s a vicious circle. After a wrong decision is made, the result is not good. But his subordinates are too afraid to tell him and bad decisions continue to be made until the situation is out of control. There is no way to stop the country from heading for disaster. “

Cai believes that dissatisfaction within the party is widespread, especially among those of her generation, but also among senior officials.

“Those in the party have lived for the last 20-30 years and understand in which direction it is good and in which direction it is a dead end,” she said. “Many of my good friends who saw the news that I was excluded are happy. They think it’s a good thing, “Cai Xia added.