A month and a few days after the next generation consoles are available in Mexico and other parts of the world, many gamers remain concerned about the issue of game prices, as most studios will raise the cost of titles to Xbox Series X/S Y PS5In fact, some of these games are already published in stores like Amazon, and have prices close to 1,800 Mexican pesos.

In this situation, Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing at Xbox mentioned that the price increase on next-gen games for both platforms is a very complex issue, so there will be studios trying to keep prices similar to the current generation on their next-gen titles, but there will be others who simply won’t be able to.

Xbox’s strategy in the face of rising prices in games

In the case of Microsoft, Greenberg mentions that they are very aware of the costs of games, so the company’s strategy for this new generation is for users to save on items that previously could not be saved.

An example of this is Game Pass, which is one of the Xbox weapons for this new generation, where Greenberg mentions that the service will be able to enjoy Microsoft Studios titles from day 1, so they will not have to buy each game separately, as they will be included in your subscription. He also revealed that the firm will continue to work with different studios to continue bringing more attractive titles to the platform for users.

Another way Greenberg says next-gen users can save money is that all Xbox One-compatible hardware will continue to work for Xbox Series X / S, so no user is required to buy a new controller. , storage unit, external battery, charging stand, cables, etc.

Finally, the executive reveals that Smart Delivery is another function that will allow Xbox users to save money, since all games with this seal will be updated for free to the improved version for Xbox Series X / S, that is, if they buy the game on Xbox One can be played with the benefits of the Next Gen in Series X / S and vice versa, so they will not have to buy 2 games.

It is true that there will be developers who have announced that the games of this generation that are updated to the new generation will have an additional cost, but Greenberg mentions that they are in all their right to do so because they are their products, however, they are working so that more Developers join Smart Delivery.

In closing, Greenberg mentions the following:

“We have taken a fan-centric approach. I’d say Smart Delivery first, but the most important thing is that all of our games are released on Game Pass, so does the price of the game matter even if it’s included in your Game Pass subscription? “