One month left for Xbox Series X y S hit the market and Microsoft continues to pave the way for its next-generation platforms.

That is why the company is now launching the first TV commercial of consoles, which also has the talent of Daniel Kaluuya, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Get Out, and who you surely remember for being the protagonist of one of the episodes of the first season of Black Mirror and for participating in Black Panther.

The announcement begins with Kaluuya arriving at his apartment, sitting in his armchair and putting on some headphones to begin to enjoy the Xbox experience.

Suddenly he is transported to a virtual world and from there what follows is a montage of sequences in which we see him visiting a location reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (game that will be launched), reaching outer space and embodying the Master Chief.

The trailer is part of the Power Your Dreams campaign, it’s called ‘Us Dreamers’ and boasts a display of Hollywood-quality CGI visuals.

In addition, it is set to music with ‘No Ordinary’, a new song by Labrinth which just debuts with the trailer.


‘With the new family of Xbox consoles reaching globally the November 10, 2020, no matter how ambitious your dream is, the power exists to make your dreams come true ‘, Microsoft remarks in an entry published in the official news site de Xbox.

At the end of the post, Microsoft thanks to all the Xbox fans who have been part of its journey from the beginning and also Give the welcome to those who will join for the first time.

‘The incredible reception and energy around Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been just inspiring for all of us on the Xbox team. ‘, finishes the company.