Yesterday, Microsoft kicked off pre-orders for its new generation of consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Although many are already familiar with the name of the consoles, there are people who were not as lucky and found out in a stalemate yesterday, making the decision to order Xbox One X, the most powerful version of the current generation of Microsoft consoles.

On Amazon, the Xbox One X grew in popularity by 747%, a fairly clear indicator that many people mistakenly ordered the old console, instead of registering a pre-order for the new one. However, the figure on Amazon includes the popularity of the console and how many places it climbed in this ranking, not referring to sales, although it is certainly not difficult to imagine that there were people who confused the two names.

Of course, those who made this mistake will have the opportunity to return the consoles, but there is another explanation for the sudden popularity of Xbox One X, one that can bring smiles on the faces of many people: the orders could have been made by bots, often use pre-orders from people who want to sell consoles at a premium. Basically, a minor mistake could have caused a bot to command, instead of an Xbox Series X, an Xbox One X.