If you are a user of Xbox, you must know well the advantages of having a membership Xbox Live Gold, because in addition to having access to online multiplayer and exclusive discounts, there are also free games that arrive by season.

In that sense, November 2020 will have a new block of games that you can enjoy without worrying about spending a single penny (except for the Gold fee).

1. Aragami: Shadow Edition

If you like stealth titles, this is an option that you should pay attention to, as it puts you in the shoes of an assassin who has supernatural abilities, including the power to control shadows. The game was so well received upon launch in 2016 that some called it a perfect stealth experience.

You can download it from November 1 to 30 in Xbox One Y Xbox Series X|S.

2. Swimsanity!

It is a cooperative shooter in an underwater context in which there are more than 150 challenges spread over eight game modes. You can team up with four friends, and the ability to use power-ups and unique weapons keeps the action constant.

You can download it from November 16 to December 15 in Xbox One Y Xbox Series X|S.

3. Full Spectrum Warrior

Released on the first Xbox, it is a game that originated as training for the United States Army and was eventually developed to be marketed as an infantry-level urban warfare simulator.

You can download it from November 1 to 15 in Xbox 360 Y Xbox One.

4. LEGO Indiana Jones

The iconic and intrepid archaeologist and teacher played by Harrison Ford is at the center of this reinvention of his most iconic adventures under the Lego vision, ensuring hours of fun and moments that fans will immediately locate.

You can download it from November 16-30 in Xbox 360.