Wyoming governor signs bill prohibiting the use of abortion pills in the state.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has signed a bill into law that bans medication abortions, making it the first state to target the abortion pill. The most effective medication abortion regimen involves taking two medications – mifepristone and misoprostol – which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, another bill will allow Wyoming to ban most abortions without Gordon’s signature. However, this was put on hold as legal challenges were litigated in court.

Wyoming is one of thirteen states that had enacted trigger bans on abortion set to go into effect when Roe v Wade got overturned by Supreme Court justices. Trigger bans prohibit all circumstances except rape or incest or if there is serious risk of death/injury for mothers; however, they were blocked due ongoing litigation regarding their legality under respective state constitutions.

The new law makes dispensing/distributing/selling/prescribing/use punishable with imprisonment up-to six months along with a fine amounting up-to $9k but does not include women seeking such services themselves.

Gordon said he would also let pass another bill banning abortions unless necessary for mother’s health since he believes any decision about regulating access should be made through constitutional amendment process laid out in Article 20 rather than legislative action alone: “If Legislature wants expressly address how Wyoming Constitution treats defining healthcare/abortion issues then those issues should be vetted via amendment process.”

Exceptions have been granted where an ectopic pregnancy occurs/fetus has fatal anomalies/women require cancer treatment among others while violating these laws could lead someone being sentenced from five years’ jail time plus fines worth $20k per violation committed.

Overall, it seems like lawmakers in Wyoming are trying hard towards protecting unborn lives while still providing exceptions based upon certain medical conditions so as not completely shut down possibilities altogether!

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