Wuhan’s nightclubs, full and without masks

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Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic that still plagues the planet, but the situation has changed a lot in this city. This weekend images are being produced that right now are unthinkable anywhere else in the world: nightclubs full of people, without a mask or social distance.

China has not registered local infections of coronavirus for several days. The cases that are being detected they are all imported. So people are beginning to lose their fear. Even more so in Wuhan, where the last local case dates from May.

Several media collect images captured in nightclubs in this city, with 11 million inhabitants, in which young people are seen acting normally, without a mask, dancing, drinking and hugging.

This same week, Wuhan surprised the world with an electronic music party held in a giant swimming pool, without there being any masks or social distance.



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