Wrinkles are not only about age

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Wrinkles are not the only, but one of the main indicators of age. People want to look young and are willing to pay dearly for rejuvenating apples. In the United States alone, more than $ 50 billion was spent on fighting the signs of aging in 2018. But folds in the skin are not always a consequence of age. Sometimes it is not worth fighting for the passing years, but for the state of health.

Wrinkles can be signs of heart disease

European Society of Cardiology reportsthat an excess of wrinkles that is not typical for your age may indicate a high risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, not all wrinkles signal danger. “Crow’s feet” around the eyes are harmless, and the transverse folds on the forehead should alert you. The ratio is straightforward: the more wrinkles, the higher the risk of dying from heart disease. Not that cardiologists rushed to study your forehead, but they can suspect “their patient” at first sight.

Forehead wrinkles are not the only life lines of your heart. There is also a wrinkle on the ear. It is known among doctors as Frank’s symptom. Looks like a deep transverse fold on the lobe. It is quite famous, although not one hundred percent prognostic sign ischemic heart disease.

Where do wrinkles come from?

there is two theories aging skin. The first claims that cells regenerate more slowly over the years. The second is that the skin is damaged by external factors. If we can hardly influence the natural course of time, then control over some external circumstances is in our hands.

The sun

Research saythat 80% of the harmful effects on our skin from the outside are the result of the work of the sun’s rays. UV rays trigger the production of reactive oxygen species that destroy skin cells. It becomes thinner and in the mirror we see thin parchment with transverse lines. You can protect yourself from the sun with closed clothing, hats and SPF products.


Only the lazy didn’t hear that stress ages. Unfortunately, these are not bikes, but proven fact… Large amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone, can break down collagen and elastin. Without a frame, the skin sags and forms folds. And problems also make us frown, that is, they mechanically contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Practicing mindfulness breathing, meditation, and psychotherapy can help manage anxiety.


Water is one of the main components of the cell. The less water, the worse the turgor – the elasticity of the skin. In older people, compared to young people, the skin is significantly loses moisture… One of the factors that reduce the hydration of the stratum corneum is reduction of natural moisturizers, but the drinking regimen also contributes to dehydration. If you drink a little more than two liters per day, this can have a positive effect on the density and thickness of the skin.


Not getting enough sleep can cause wrinkles. One of the experiments showedthat even one night without sleep makes the face more tired and dull. Especially the skin under the eyes suffers: fine lines immediately appear, signaling fatigue. Sleep rate – from 7 to 9 hours per day.


Study of 79 pairs of twins provedthat smoking ages. This is especially true for the middle and lower third of the face. As little as five years of smoking makes the nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the lips deeper and imposes the stamp of age. Secondhand smoke doesn’t make the habit any less harmful. To maintain health and skin, the only way out is to quit smoking.



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