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The clip of “Mugre”, the song that the Argentine rapper premiered, was the most watched globally on the day of its release.

He is, without a doubt, one of the artists of the moment. With two and a half million views on YouTube, one and a half million of them in the first ten hours of its launch, the Argentine rapper Wax broke a new record with his song Dirt, a preview of what will be his second full length, after his 2019 debut with Caravan.

Turned to trend on Twitter in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and Chile, the video, shot by Kevin Zeta and The Movement, was set as the most viewed globally on the day of its presentation, marking a new milestone in the rapper’s rising career.

With music production by Evlay and mixing by Nico Cotton, Dirt it is built on a heavy base of low tempo, which grows in intensity as the song progresses.

While lyrically the song maintains the critical tone that characterizes this artist, on a musical level, the novelty appears on the end, with a gospel voice a cargo by Caterina Finocchi.

The artist has also done very well in the distribution of awards. Creditor of four statuettes in the latest edition of the Gardel Awards, Wos will compete at the Latin Grammys on November 19 as the best new artist.

Among the many names that have gained a place in the local music scene in recent years, that of Wos resonates with special insistence. And now it reverberates with the sounds of Dirt.

Valentín Oliva, that’s his real name, had already drawn attention in the preview of the video’s launch on YouTube, where 140 thousand Internet users anxiously waited for the images of the new theme to be released.

Dirt joins the succession line of the EP Three ellipsis, published at the beginning of the year, and comes out as part of a new combo of his own music, after the artist’s participation in the recently released albums by Trueno and Lisandro Aristimuño.

Dirt It is a track loaded with strong emotions. Its progressive structure makes it a journey with different places in the sensations that each measure transmits. It shows feelings such as anger and reflects the internal struggle with one’s own ego and at the same time the constant competition of egos.

Also, it combines keyboard sounds that give it an epic tint, with powerful bass and percussion to which electric guitars are added to add the hardcore atmosphere that the lyrics demand.

Dirt is released by Doguito Records, an independent record label created by WoS and Peter Ehlrich.

The video clip combines, in balanced doses, drama, action and fantasy. Wos, 22, someone who emerged on the scene of rap battles between freestylers, goes – in the video – from a paralysis, apparently caused by some host who is staying in his body, to a journey between two worlds parallel to reality. One idyllic, full of colors and life, and another, dark, hostile, where fire prevails.

Guided by a symbology that seems to be a common factor in these worlds, Wos ends up finding a being with whom he obviously has some connection.



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