Haas driver Romain Grosjean revealed that in the previous F1 race, a system called a corona bubble was badly a year in Russia.

Gorsjean was concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. Russia does not have such precise guidelines and recommendations on safety intervals.

– In Russia, the use of a face mask is not mandatory. The waiters had them, but they didn’t protect their noses. The hotel had a lot of fans, so we sometimes had to share an elevator with people who were outside the F1 bubble, Grosjean told Motorosport.com.

– I’m not afraid of getting a coronavirus for my health, I just don’t want it because I wouldn’t be able to compete then. I am not happy with the security measures taken at the hotel, he continued.

On Friday, F1 reported ten new cases of coronavirus infection in the previous seven days. A total of 1,822 tests were performed.

According to F1, the presence of fans at the Games had nothing to do with infections. On the Sochi track, the formulas were allowed to be watched by about 30,000 people a day or half of the track’s normal spectator capacity. Tests conducted by F1 have now shown a total of 26 positive corona test results. Nearly 50,000 tests have been performed since the end of July.