“World’s best World Cup qualifier” – tonight Neymar & co.

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Lionel Messi made it 1-0 when Argentina started their World Cup qualifier night to Friday, and night to Saturday it’s Neymar and Brazil’s turn. South America is up and running!

– The South American World Cup qualifier is the best in the world, writes football expert and author Grant Wahl on Twitter.

His reasoning is divided into three:

1. All teams have some – or very much – quality.

2. The margins for failing in qualifying are so small.

3. “Crazy” things happen all the time.

In short, South America’s World Cup qualifier is about everyone meeting everyone – at home and away. There is no division into groups. So it takes time to play all the matches. That is ten teams in total.

Of these, the four best go straight to the World Cup. Number five must advance to an intercontinental playoff. Then there is the final game in Qatar in November / December 2022.

Argentina thus won 1-0 over Ecuador, and Lionel Messi scored on penalties. There was nothing more to enjoy. His former teammate Luis Suárez also scored on penalties – when Uruguay beat Chile 2-1.


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