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A small goda has set a world record, flying more than 12,000 kilometers without interruption from Alaska to New Zealand in 11 days, The Guardian reported.

The little goda (Limosa lapponica) is a kind of limestone that travels huge distances during its migration. The bird species has the aerodynamic structure of a fighter jet. The world record set sail from southwest Alaska on September 16 and arrived in a bay near Auckland 11 days later. During his journey, he also reached a speed of 88 kilometers per hour, writes MTI.

The flight of a ringed male bird called 4BBRW was tracked by satellite using a device attached to its back. He set out with three other little godas after feeding on mussels and worms for two months. The male little goda, which weighs between 190 and 400 grams, even doubles its size before a long flight, but is also able to reduce the size of its internal organs and thus the burden.

The previous record was set in 2007 by a bird covering 11,680 kilometers without interruption. Jesse Conklin, a researcher at the Global Flyway Network who studies the long-term migration of birds, said these birds know where they are going on the planet, “they seem to have an onboard map.”

He said. Scientists aren’t sure, but they believe the birds won’t sleep during the long journey.

(Cover image: Kis goda. Our picture is an illustration! Photo: David Tipling / Education Images / Universal Images Group / Getty Images)



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