World premiere of Volkswagen ID.4 Lead

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It doesn’t exaggerate anything, and that’s exactly what makes Volkswagen’s second electric car based on the group’s new Electric Floor Panel (MEB) exciting. Of course, the modest details hide a demanding package, which, moreover, is produced by the Germans in a carbon-neutral plant.

The corner numbers are favorable: the net capacity of the battery pack is 77 kWh, and the resulting WLTP range is up to 520 kilometers – which is especially nice from a 4.58-meter crossover. It can be charged from a DC fast charger with up to 125 kW, so we can take 320 kilometers of electricity in 30 minutes.

ID.4 received a single electric motor, which was placed at the rear; the 204-horsepower unit accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds, with a top speed of 160 km / h. Depending on the market, there will also be a 306-horsepower, all-wheel-drive version later.

The ID.4 is 117 millimeters shorter than the Tiguan, but its wheelbase is only 23 mm shorter than that. It is also lower than its standard sibling: in the case of the basic rear-wheel drive version, the difference is -48 mm, but the all-wheel drive version that arrives later will be raised, so there will be only 13 mm of deficit. Despite the smaller external dimensions, the space offer is comparable to the Tiguan, as promised by VW.

The boot is 543/1575 liters, the door is raised and closed by an electric motor. The wheels are extremely large, 21 inches in diameter for better rolling resistance, and the car has a fluid resistance coefficient of 0.28. The practicality of the model is enhanced by a roof rail and towbar socket.

A sample of the expediency is the VW ID.4 3

The cabin is distinctly puritanical, with a central touch screen with up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) of head-up display options using augmented reality display (e.g., displaying navigation arrows ‘projected’ on asphalt). The reverser is located next to the instrument cluster. An LED bar runs under the windshield, which not only informs the driver about the status of the door locks and the charging status, but also serves to confirm driver support and system-level messages and alarms while driving.

A sample of the expediency is the VW ID.4 4

Click here to watch videos showing the car and its production line.



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