Discharged from hospital treatment in Germany Aleksei Navalnyi does not spare his words. Russia’s leading opposition politician does not alleviate his own or his family’s position by accusing him of being the only sensible party for his novitch nerve poisoning.

– I believe that Vladimir Putin is behind this crime. I have no other explanation for what happened, Navalnyi uploaded in an interview with Der Spiegel.

It is true, then, that the use of novitok refers strongly to a state actor, and Navalny’s position as Putin’s number one challenger, in turn, is that he would not be dared to be approached without the president’s permission.

Naturally, the Kremlin did not gratefully accept the obvious accusation.

– We have information about this. I can say with confidence that the U.S. Central Intelligence Service is currently working with Navalny, Putin’s press chief Dmitri Peskov claimed.

Navalnyi immediately indicated that he did not intend to remain silent in the future.

– First, I will sue Peskov. Secondly, I demand that they publish all the evidence of my work with the CIA. Let them show them on TV for the best viewing time. They have my permission, Navalnyi continued.

The opposition politician still plans to return to Russia at some point. Der Spiegel’s reporter found that he had obvious difficulties, for example, drinking water from a bottle. In addition, Navalnyi had lost 12 pounds of weight.

– Doctors say I can recover 90%. Maybe it’s perfectly possible, no one knows.

Navalnyi stressed that he had little peer support because there are not very many novice poisoning patients in the world.

According to Western observers, the situation in Navalny has changed decisively, as Peskov has now appointed him directly as a CIA agent. It might change attitudes towards him if he ever returns to Russia.

Similarly, Western leaders, especially German Angela Merkel, have taken the protection of 44-year-old Navalny to heart. Germany has officially asked Russia for an explanation for the use of the novice shock, but so far no answers have been received.

– My job is to stay fearless. If my hands are shaking, it’s because of the poison, not the fear. I will not give Putin the gift of not returning, Navalnyi promised.