Wonner, a deputy for anti-health pass, wants to start her “movement”.

Martine Wonner (Covidosceptic deputy) was expelled from her group at the National Assembly following remarks that called for “invasion” of the offices and offices of parliamentarians. Wonner said Wednesday that she was planning to start her own “movement”.

During a press conference held at the Palais Bourbon, Bas-Rhin said that the “apolitical” and “civilian movement” is now in its “home stretch”.

It will be addressed “to all these French citizens who can not take it any longer,” added this ex-member of the Libertés et Territoires group and previously LREM.

“I think one of the first things that should happen is to dissolve the parties,” stated the now non-attached Member, who did not wear a mask, contrary the recommendations of President of the Assembly.

“Citizens will finally be heard” if parliamentarians don’t “think above all about their career and their ego,” she said.

Ms. Wonner also reconsidered these remarks and urged Parisian protestors against the Paris Health Pass to “seat Parliamentarians” in order to express their disapproval.

“I accept my statements,” declared the MP while stating again that they had been “taken from context”.

She explained that she was talking to protesters asking how they could challenge their elected officials in the spirit of a demonstration.

She said that she might not have used these terms in a calmer setting and that violence was unacceptable.

These comments, where deputies report threats of death or intimidation from opponents to the health card, have been criticized by him and led to a request for the referral of justice from LREM Christophe Castaner (the boss of deputies).

A trained psychiatrist was elected to the Assembly as a representative. She also reaffirmed her attacks on the Health Pass – “the Pass of Shame” – and “liberticidal” measures in the Anti-Covid Bill under consideration in both the Assembly and Senate.

She said that the government’s “forced entry” was a “clearly illegal process.”


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