Wolff: Hamilton, the antithesis to a dirty driver

Toto Wolff (Mercedes team boss) said that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were both involved in the crash on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. “It takes two to dance the tango.”

On Sunday, the Grand Prix of Great Britain was off to a wild start. After the start, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen engaged in a fierce battle for the lead. The Briton tried to attack the Wellington Straight, but was repelled by the Dutchman. Hamilton dived to the inside and Verstappen’s left rear wheel struck Hamilton’s left front wheel. The Limburger then sped off the track at high speeds, ending up with a huge blow to the tire stacks.

Verstappen was evacuated by helicopter from the circuit’s medical centre to be treated. Verstappen was then taken to Coventry hospital, which is seventy km to the north. The fourteen-time Grand Prix winner was examined by a doctor and deemed to be in good health. He was released from the hospital at 10:10 p.m. local.

Hamilton was assessed a ten-second penalty for the collision with Verstappen. This was because Verstappen was the one who was most at fault in the accident. He would not have done anything to avoid the collision between the cars, had Verstappen not turned in. Hamilton was penalized for several positions, but he still won his home race. This means that Verstappen’s gap is only 8 World Cup points.

Toto Wolff, principal of Mercedes-Benz team, stated that “it is a situation we have seen before when two fantastic drivers compete against one another.” Motorsport.comHis thoughts on the controversial incident. “If neither is willing to admit anything, then things like this can happen.” However, the Austrian believes that where there are two quarrels, two are to blame. “It takes two to dance the tango.”

Wolff didn’t say what he thought about the amount of the penalty. “Drivers have to give each other enough space and that was clearly not the case here. “The stewards believed that a ten-second penalty was an appropriate penalty.” That was all he said. To add: “But there was not one, but two drivers involved in this accident.” Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, spoke to British TV Channel C4 about Hamilton’s “dirty driving”. Wolff: “Lewis is the opposite of a driver who drives dirty. He is a professional sportsman. We have never seen him in any major accident.”


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